Reduce My Use

Participate in our Reduce My Use program and save electricity this summer!

Our South Texas summers are brutal, and often require us to run all of our power plants in order to meet energy needs. As electricity demand goes up, we have an opportunity to make a difference in our community by conserving energy. 

Our Reduce My Use program provides you and your neighbors the opportunity to help conserve electricity and save money on hot summer days.

Reduce My Use days can occur when our electric system reaches peak demand. This happens several times during the summer months, when the outside temperatures reach extreme highs. Energy peak demand times typically happen between the hours of 3pm and 7pm, Monday through Friday.

How can you save on a Reduce My Use Day:

  • Plan an outing - One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce your electricity use during peak hours is to not be home. Make plans with family or friends to go to the public library, see a movie, dine out, or get some ice cream. Find other fun activities that can help you stay cool until nighttime. Before you leave home, make sure to raise your thermostat temperature by 3-4°F.
  • Use fans and reduce air conditioning - During Reduce My Use days, when electricity demand is high, the need to stay cool tends to increase as well. Small actions during peak hours can have big impacts. Most people find they can raise the thermostat temperature by 3-4°F and still stay comfortable. Close curtains and blinds to keep sunlight from entering your home. Stay close to fans instead of using air conditioning to keep cool.
  • Put off household chores - Appliances can account for up to 13% of total energy use in a typical household and can unintentionally heat up your home. To help our community save energy on Reduce My Use days, run the dishwasher after peak hours or do laundry on the weekends. You can make plans for Reduce My Use days and identify what other appliance-related chores you can postpone.

Participation in Reduce My Use is voluntary and all notifications and information will be delivered to your designated email and telephone number. If you do not wish to receive these communications or participate in the program for any reason, you may opt out at any time by contacting  or 888-992-4573.

Program FAQs:

What is the purpose of the program?

The purpose of the Reduce My Use program is to encourage our community to reduce energy during peak event days, which happen when electricity use is higher than usual. The purpose of these communications is to provide notifications that will help lower energy demand on a largescale. This not only saves you energy and money, but also keeps us from powering up extra energy resources (such as additional power plants) to meet demand.

How was I selected to be part of this program?

You were randomly chosen to receive communications that will help you save energy and money.

Can I opt out of the program?

Yes. We provide the peak event program to help you take control of your energy use and save money. However, if you would like to opt out, you can unsubscribe from emails you are receiving, or select the option in the phone notification to opt out. We can also remove you from receiving email and/or phone notifications now.