My Energy Portal is now available for customers enrolled in Manage My Account to view energy usage data. AutoPay will resume Friday, February 26, 2021. Customers who want to cancel their enrollment in AutoPay can do so in Manage My Account or by calling (210) 353-6110 during regular business hours.  Stay up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter.  More updates: Newsroom and Storm Updates.

We stand ready to help any customer in need. Our People First philosophy led us to suspend disconnects while our community bands together during this challenging time. If you are experiencing financial hardship, we urge you to contact us for help. Call us at 210-353-2222 or online at

We require the use of a face-covering and we will screen customers for COVID-19 symptoms before they enter any CPS Energy facility. Our modified customer service center hours are 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. Monday-Friday. If you have tested positive, or a family member has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days, please use our online tools or call 210-353-2222 for assistance.  Please do not visit our customer service center if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

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Check Your Breakers (Video)



  • Stay away from downed power lines and report them to CPS Energy. Do NOT attempt to move or drive over the lines as they can be live.
  • If your home or business is flooded, never enter standing water unless you’re sure the main power has been shut off.


  • Keep cell phones charged and flashlights, batteries and other important items readily available.
  • Have a power outage plan for medical devices requiring electricity or medicines requiring refrigeration.


  • Unplug electrical equipment such as TVs and computer equipment to help protect them from power surges.
  • Keep the refrigerator door closed. Refrigerated food should be safe for up to 4 hours.
  • For outages lasting more than 2-4 hours, pack perishable items into a cooler and surrounded by ice.
  • Only use generators outdoors.  (See Generator Safety)
  • Do not use a gas stove to heat your home.


  • Discard any perishable foods that have been above 40° F for more than 2 hours.
  • If your neighbors have power and you do not, check your breakers.