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C3 Evaluation Criteria



  • Immediately speaks to purpose and value to company.


  • Clearly defines a strategy which defines how to go to market that includes the following:
    • Market Impact
    • Key Milestones
    • Types of Customers
    • Market Size and Growth


  • Submittal shows evidence of greatest value to the target customer.
  • Submittal has a well-defined product roadmap that factors in risks and competition.
  • Submittal shows strong evidence that product has a unique value with respect to competition in the market place.


  • Economics/Pricing/Scalability- Strong understanding and evidence of a business plan that includes pricing strategy, economics, and the ability to scale.
  • Funding Strategy- Strong understanding and evidence for the need and use of funding.
  • Team – Clear vision of team member’s roles and responsibilities. This would also include strengths and weaknesses.
  • Previous Business Success- Strong evidence that the company has had success in the market place.


  • Demonstrates a quality presentation.
  • Demonstrates command of supporting data.
  • Presents well thought out assumptions.

            No Evidence / Strong Evidence

1              2             3             4             5