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Smarter Energy


For the past 75 years, we have made substantial investments to our infrastructure and in our community to support the growing needs of our customers.  Today, we continue the momentum by offering programs and services that allow customers options that put the power of smarter energy at their fingertips.

Smart Grid

Our Smart Grid Initiative is a major upgrade to our electrical grid allowing automated, two-way communication between the meter at your home or business and our equipment.

The Smart Grid Initiative supports increased electric and gas reliability, boosts efficiency thereby reducing costs, better integrates renewable sources of power into the grid, reduces emissions, and improves the potential to integrate new technologies of the future.

Through the use of digital technology, customers can enjoy increased privacy, greater control over energy cost and usage and insight into the energy they buy through the use of the My Energy Portal.

Learn how the grid of the future will provide a smarter energy supply for our customers today and in the years to come.


Future of Energy Symposium

Learn more how the Future of Energy San Antonio Symposium Wrestles with Changing Times.


Energy Thought Summit

CPS Energy’s President & CEO, Paula Gold-Williams, joins in conversation at ETS17 about emerging industry transformations. This inclusive event welcomes everyone to the table to create change in energy, and consider the roles that emerging technologies play in shaping a new future.