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Electric Vehicles

Take Charge of Your Vehicle. Go Electric!


If you own a cell phone, you know how easy it is to plug it in when you need to recharge it. Imagine that same convenience applied to your vehicle.

Why drive electric? Let’s start with the most obvious reasons:

  • Gas prices are unstable and change almost every day.
  • Do you enjoy frequent trips to the gas station?
  • Is America’s dependence on foreign oil a good thing?
  • Are vehicle emissions healthy for the future of our country?

CPS Energy is embracing plug-in vehicles – from the 100 percent electric vehicle (EV) to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). Now you can take advantage of our affordable and reliable electricity for your vehicle as well as your home.

You can charge your vehicle at home. Also, there are more than 150 charging stations located around Greater San Antonio. Use this searchable map of electric vehicle charging station locations, by state or zip code.

Also consider our Public Charging - Flat Rate Pilot Program.