SITE – Distribution Services and Operations Internships


SITE – Distribution Services and Operations Internship applicants must be students pursuing a technical career in the utility industry. Student selection for participation in the program is based upon the student's application, interview, references, essays and their ability to meet all criteria outlined in the program participation checklist.

The following lists eligibility criteria for participation in the SITE program. Applicants must meet all CPS Energy hiring policy requirements.

  • At least 16 years of age
  • Junior in high school
  • Passing all classes, GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Demonstrate an interest in a career applicable to the utility industry
  • Participate in full-time summer employment with CPS Energy
  • Attend all activities sponsored by CPS Energy during summer employment
  • Pass a drug test and background screen prior to summer employment with CPS Energy

Apply to the SITE program during junior or senior year of high school and intern with us during the summer. The CPS Energy Students Interested In Technical Education (SITE) – Distribution internship program is designed to promote higher education for professional careers in public utilities by providing:

  • Hands-on technical learning with paid summer employment
  • Personal development through mentoring
  • Work experience in your field of interest
  • Exposure to various utility industry careers
Additional Information:
  • Internship opportunity will be posted during the week of November 26th on the CPS Energy Career Page
  • Deadline to submit Online application and required documents: February 15th
  • For More Information Contact:

Cristina Duarte
CPS Energy Manager Education & Mentoring Programs